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I designed a couple of utility box wraps for the City of Calgary. I had originally looked to the younger residents of Calgary for inspiration for the design through a community outreach aspect of the project. Kids really love to draw bugs so I came up with the idea to draw some of the local insect population! I thought that was it but to my surprise they actually wanted me to design two utility boxes! Quickly I came up with another design that complimented the bugs, focusing on the birds of the city. Lots of fun working on these! Can’t wait to see them finished. 

I other news I’m getting married in two weeks so updates might be a little scarce until I get back from my honeymoon, but things should pick back up again since I’ll be able to shift my focus from wedding planning back to illustrating! I’ll post some photos of some the creative things I came up with for my wedding, for those interested. Lets say I got a little Martha Stewarty. 

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Funky Love Gunk. 

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Some chimp heads I made for ‘Zoo Tycoon’ game (common, bonobo).
I’m going to work on the face details a bit more at some point and have a play with ZBrush fur to add whiskers/beard/hair… just as soon as I finish that time machine!!
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A Grim Fandango poster that I worked to death (no pun intended…okay, it was kinda intended, whatever). Had to abandon this one because no matter what I did it just never worked how I wanted it to. I think the initial comp had promise but it all just fell flat after that. C’est la vie.

Maybe one day I’ll revisit this idea. The “sprouted” skulls are pretty cool at least. That’s something.

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Here’s a preview of the game I worked on at Curve Studios, Stealth Inc 2, exclusively for Wii U!

It’ll be out later in the year, and you should definitely buy it ;)

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Emblem commissions!



For $50 USD I will draw you a full colour emblem style illustration of a character of your choosing! All you need to do is provide me with a character and items that represent them. If you want a certain colour scheme or anything else specific, just let me know.


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Pics from my sketchbook, mostly of people on the train during my work commute

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I did a bit more work on my first painting of Iluq in the canoe, then I also finished a third. These three paintings are supposed to work as a little story so I put them all together. 

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A rough for a painting I haven’t been able to do yet. My two kitties! Elliot and Molly. They are both half siamese and 100% crazy! I can’t wait to paint this with actual paint.

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Just look at the mess you’ve made.

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A cute witch! I loved designing her outfit omg…

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I did an all day life drawing session yesterday at Center Stage Gallery in Burbank. I used my Cintiq Companion for the whole thing… I know I’m supposed to do life drawing on paper, but I just love the freedom of the Cintiq. I learned to draw almost entirely digitally so to me it’s the most comfortable and familiar. 

I’m very inspired by illustrators like Rene Gruau and Bob Peak and the ladies they had posing were so perfect for that. Seriously, beautiful highly professional models who had super elegant poses. It was really an awesome day. I’ll post more form it later.

This one I took home and finished up a bit with the help of Kyle T. Webster’s inking brushes and water color brushes: https://gumroad.com/kyletwebster