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Finished up a bunch of custom order embroidery hoops, now time to package them to be shipped! <3

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Hey all, I’m sorry my blog is still a little sparse, I promise to make some time soon to queue a whole bunch of stuff for some more regular updates!

I have less and less time these days to post and reblog things which is a bit of a butt, but at least I’m having fun not on the internet too :)


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Lunch Sketch of the Chilterns based superhero ‘The Red Kite’

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Production Designer’s Notebook #004

Because the Director’s wanted to achieve a more graphic look for the second film, I realized we would get the best results by designing our establishing shots in 2D and then building the establishing shots to camera as often as we could.

These are some of the establishing shots I designed for the approach to Swallow Falls. The directors asked me to make it feel spooky and emphasize the scale of the giant plants growing on the island.

I went a step further and tried to compose the shots so that it might feel as if the characters were walking into the jaws of a giant creature, literally being swallowed by the island as they journeyed closer.

Huge thanks and well-deserved credit to Dean Gordon for the final color on the last image of the bioluminescent jungle.

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Production Designer’s Notebook #005

Flint Lockwood’s apartment interior: Rough pencil sketch & final design.

The tiny flat that Flint Lockwood and his father, Tim, are sharing in San Franjose was an interesting assignment. The Directors asked me to create an environment that would clearly illustrate the two distinct personalities of the characters that divided the room in half: Tim Lockwood’s earthy traditional values that are fixed in the past on one side, and Flint’s limitless sense of invention and self-expression on the other. Tim’s side is 70’s earth-tones and Flint’s side is an 80’s science experiment. Neither one of them can relate to the contemporary world and neither one of them wants to. They are both living in their own happy realities, while coexisting side by side.

*There are small changes between the rough and the final that were motivated by changes in story, but for the most part, I was able to keep my concept pretty consistent from start to finish.

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I’m Selling an original! Something that only happens once in a blue moon being as I rarely (never) finish traditional work. 

Anyway, this painting has been with me for a while and I recently added the finishing touches. I love this thing and it pains me deeply to sell it, hence why anyone crazy enough to buy it might need to consider selling a kidney to fund it. 


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Can you hear the ocean? Originally these Galapagos island animals were illustrated for the awesome non-profit Phylo Games for their Darwin deck of playing cards.

Now they are also available to you as an art prints here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/193280227/galapagos-sea-life-art-print-deal?ref=shop_home_active_1

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Designing The Secret of Kells - First Look (x)

Designing The Secret of Kells will be released at this years San Diego Comic-Con where Tom Moore and Paul Young will be at signing copies at the Stuart Ng booth.

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—- / 25th floor / Tour Pleyel / Saint-Denis /—-

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I know it’s a holiday here in the States, but there’s art to be done so that I can declare my own independence from the book later on this week. 

So here is the wonderful axolotl! The story behind this piece is “missed connections”. The axolotl is believed to be extinct in the wild because the very few freshwater bodies they lived in were either drained or polluted with fertilizer run-off, which is pretty awful. The plus side is that there are lots of them in captivity, because they make for good test models for regeneration research and there are efforts being made to create a genetically diverse colony that can be released back into the wild.

So, perhaps these were the last two axolotls in the wild, and they could have saved their species… if not for this missed connection.

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Chinese Pangolin swirl! It sounds like a really gross flavor of ice cream, actually.