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—- / 25th floor / Tour Pleyel / Saint-Denis /—-

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I know it’s a holiday here in the States, but there’s art to be done so that I can declare my own independence from the book later on this week. 

So here is the wonderful axolotl! The story behind this piece is “missed connections”. The axolotl is believed to be extinct in the wild because the very few freshwater bodies they lived in were either drained or polluted with fertilizer run-off, which is pretty awful. The plus side is that there are lots of them in captivity, because they make for good test models for regeneration research and there are efforts being made to create a genetically diverse colony that can be released back into the wild.

So, perhaps these were the last two axolotls in the wild, and they could have saved their species… if not for this missed connection.

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Chinese Pangolin swirl! It sounds like a really gross flavor of ice cream, actually.

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The long dark night of sewing the ears is finally over.

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A nod to Chuck Jones, a nod to Maurice Noble, this is one road runner who’s not really sure of this whole mess. Fun fact: this page in the book will be opposite of Jeannine’s coyote illustration. That’s right, we were raised on classic Looney Tunes, what of it? 

Holy Christ on a cracker, THE BOOK IS DONE. WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH consider me dead for the next 2 weeks. *thud*

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Sketch of the enigmatic ‘rat father’ from the D&D I DM at work he taught the cobolds to talk human tongue and sheltered the PC’s in the temple of the moon, before transforming into a huge rat beast when they got ambushed.

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Print Available Here!

Gray wolves on the go! Kind of like the white tailed deer piece I did, I wanted to have the animals recede into the background in this one. It’s kind of risky since this is for an animal art book and typically you want to see the animal up close, but I said “Screw it, it’s my book and I’m doing it this way.”

I get one Art Brat card to play per book. Consider it played. 

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Stealth Inc 2 playthrough preview

Hey guys! Here’s a video of a first play through of the game I’ve been working on at Curve Studios for the last year, Stealth Inc 2 for Wii U!

Check it out!

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So I did an illustration job for a friend and refused payment so instead they sent me this GIANT box of sweets to the office for me with about 50 different kinds of things. MY POOR TEETH. But also awesome :D

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Here’s a second illustration for the giant puppet performance happening in Liverpool. It’s the terrifying robot dog, Xolo!

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worst relationship?


It’s in all the best food but it makes me ill. Such love. Much hate.

Even stupid things you wouldn’t expect it to be in, like earlier I went to buy some precooked chicken and it all has wheat in.

(My blog is not the Oprah show so ask these kinds of questions and you’ll get ‘wheat’.)