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My view this morning (Taken with instagram)

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Yay Wales!!

We won the triple crown last week and just won the grandslam :D

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My grandparents and great aunt and uncle here to watch the Welsh rugby match with my mum and stepdad- the house is about to get really loud.

I’m not that mad on rugby but -come on Wales!

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Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

Happy Saint David’s day!

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So this is a longshot….

2 adorable black kittens were abandoned close to my sister’s house and they need rehoming! She can’t keep them as she already has 3 cats and 5 is just too many!

She lives in the South Wales area, UK- if any of my followers live in that area, or close by, or in fact wouldn’t mind travelling from England or other parts of Wales etc to collect them if you would like to adopt them then that would be awesome!

If you know anyone please get in touch- SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY!!!

If you could reblog to help rehome these cuties i’d be grateful! thanks x

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We stopped to pick up ice cream right on the top, I thought this picture was funny I look like i’m doing some kind of interpretive dance or posing for an Album cover hehe, the other girl is my sister.

Here’s a more normal (small) one anyway

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I mentioned I was going here for a meal on Mother’s day, I took some photos on my sister’s camera and she’s finally sent them to me, heres one of them :)

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Llangynidr Mt, Powys, Wales by Philip Blayney

I’m heading back to Wales tomorrow morning for Mother’s Day, and whilst i’m there I get a lovely roast dinner at a country pub in Llangyidr, score! I’m probably going to take my laptop though as i’ll most likely get bored when I get back to my parent’s house but i’ll be back in Bristol on Monday afternoon.

The photo above is of the moors and valleys of Llangynidr by Terry Evans, it looks like something right out of Howl’s moving castle, Diana Wynne Jones did live in Wales for a period of time so you never know, it might be based on these areas :)

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Some of my lomo fisheye photography!

some from Japan, back home in Wales and Bristol!

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Cardiff Central


Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

Happy St David’s Day!

St. David is the patron saint of Wales, so in other words, March 1st is happy Wales Day!

(Also check out how bitchin’ our flag is, it has a dragon! ^__^)

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Welsh cakes!

Post in preparation for St. David’s Day!

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The Junction - jonnygoodboy

A beautiful example of panoramic photography