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Cat print t shirts are now available on my shop along with my fox print t shirt!


Cats! by Fran Court/ Magicfran

Available on my Society6 store with free shipping and $5 off until midnight PST!

40% off sale extended!

I hadn’t realised a bunch of my listings had expired on my etsy shop so I have relisted about 20 more items! They are all hand printed items and part of a limited print run.

As such I’ve decided to extend the flash sale to Thursday 25th July and you get 40% off if you use the coupon code MAGICFRAN40 at checkout.

Postage is available worldwide so take a look at the new items I’ve added up!

There are more tshirts and tote bags and even some already discounted items so use the coupon code for an even bigger bargain! There’s 3 tshirts left for dudes too :)




I recently passed a really awesome tumblr follower milestone, so to say thank you I’ve set up a 20% off discount code for my etsy shop for my tumblr followers! It’ll be available for 1 week until the 22nd April.

To check out what’s for sale go to www.etsy.com/shop/lefran
For the 20% off enter this coupon code at checkout : YAYTUMBLR50

Enjoy! :D


Hey guys, check out the variety of hand printed illustration items on my etsy shop  :)

There’s a selection of tote bags and tshirts with a few various men and womens sizes.

Hopefully I will be adding more stock over the next few weeks :) There are also some discounted items so check it out!

Fran :)


I’ve added 13 new items to my Etsy shop including some more tote bags and tshirts- even a couple of mens sizes if you’re quick but if you see something you like that isn’t in your size then send me a message on etsy and I’ll make one to order :)

Everything is hand printed and available pretty cheap and there’s even discounted items varying in prices so check it out and grab a bargain :D

In the near future I’ll be looking to print more designs and will let you know when they’re up for sale.

As an extra note I’ve now listed shipping for worldwide so are available wherever you live :)

Click here to see my shop

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Elli by nerdmeister23 on Flickr.

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Sleeping Siamese

by Magicfran / Fran Court

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So this is a longshot….

2 adorable black kittens were abandoned close to my sister’s house and they need rehoming! She can’t keep them as she already has 3 cats and 5 is just too many!

She lives in the South Wales area, UK- if any of my followers live in that area, or close by, or in fact wouldn’t mind travelling from England or other parts of Wales etc to collect them if you would like to adopt them then that would be awesome!

If you know anyone please get in touch- SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY!!!

If you could reblog to help rehome these cuties i’d be grateful! thanks x

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Hi pals! I’m tumblin’ now.
I’ll be saving my process posts for blogger, but putting up doodles & final images here!

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Sky Cats - Adventure (by gemma correll)

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IMGP2602 by chez_sugi on Flickr.

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le chicken by gemma correll on Flickr.